Ride Boldly Ride, by President Reade

Ride Boldly Ride, by President Reade


Dr. Frank Robertson Reade was the third president of Georgia State Womens College. He was appointed by the Board of Regents as interim president in May 1934, due to Dr. Jere Pound's illness. After Pound's death in February 1935, Reade was appointed president and served for 13 years (1935-1948). Reade worked very hard to continue the advancement of GSWC, including improving the facilities, curriculum and activities. Physical improvements to the college include paving the campus roads and the construction of Senior Hall dormitory, the swimming pool and bath house, the Student Activities Log Cabin, and the library. Reade strenuously pursued financial support outside of the usual University System avenues, and all of these projects, with the exception of paving the roads, were partially funded with WPA funds. Courses in secretarial science and home economics were added to the curriculum, in addition to social work and library science, which were National Youth Administration projects. Existing departments met requirements to offer a B.S. degree in addition to an A.B. degree. Under Reade the liberal arts curriculum was completely revamped. Reade gave the student body more autonomy handling student affairs. An example of this is the Attendance Committee of the Student Government Association. This committee monitored the class attendance of fellow students, and mailed warning notices to parents. His papers reveal a gregarious personality with a keen sense of humor. Reade made himself available to both faculty and students, and they admired and appreciated his "open door" policy. He did his best to facilitate good relations in the academic community. An article in the April 11, 1948 Valdosta Daily Times notes, "His ability to retain both a student and faculty outlook has smoothed over rough spots, helping to develop the morale and typically friendly atmosphere of the College which visitors are forever mentioning and attempting to define."


Frank Reade's book "Ride Boldly, Ride" is now available. Topics include: Dr. Reade's grandfather Francis Smith Robertson- a Confederate Captain who served on the staff of JEB Stuart.

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