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Welcome to the VSU Digital Repository. Vtext is a Master of Library and Information Science Program and Odum Library initiative. Vtext is an open access digital repository maintained by the Odum Library to collect, preserve, and distribute Valdosta State University's intellectual capital in ways not currently supported by traditional library and publication models. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Mathews, Kimberly Lynn (2024-04-23)
    A qualitative case study was used in this study to gain insight into six elementary school teachers’ use of culturally relevant pedagogy. The teachers self-identified as culturally relevant teachers who foster high academic ...
  • Williams, Budd (Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections, 1983-09-20)
    Bud Williams (John J. Williams) answers more questions about his experiences in the Turpentine industry. An unidentified woman also talks about growing up in a turpentine camp and folk remedies used in the camp she lived ...
  • Arthen, Andras Corban; Berger, Helen; Clifton, Chas S. (EarthSpirit Community, 1993)
    This is the survey for the Pagan Census Project with the purpose of documenting the size and diversity of the Contemporary Pagan movement. This photocopy contains Chas Clifton's answers to the survey. The survey was conducted ...
  • Sibley, John A.; General Assembly of Georgia, Committee on Schools (Atlanta, Ga.: Georgia Congress of Parents and Teachers, 1960-04-28)
    In 1960 the Georgia Assembly set up a committee on schools, ordered it to hold hearings throughout Georgia and find out how people felt about the future of their schools. The main topic was how Georgia should handle court ...
  • The Southside Living History Project (Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections, 1999)
    This is a series of photographs and captions scanned from framed photo collages from the Houseal Collection featuring businesses and communities from the Southside Community of Valdosta, Georgia. It details a vibrant history ...

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