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DSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Thomson, Sarah; Pond, Gina; Tanner, Philip; Omphalos, Calyxa; Polanshek, Jacobo (Cupertino, CA: Circle of Cerridwen Press, 2012)
    Preface / Gina Pond (Little Crow) -- Gender and transgender in the Pagan community / Sarah Thompson -- The Goddess and transphobia / Amethyst Moonwater -- Who is Lilith's tribe / Anya Kless -- Response to the topic of ...
  • Mentis, Artifex (Cupertino, CA: Circle of Cerridwen Press, 2010)
    Artifex Mentis discusses why it is important to have a companion to work magic.
  • Mentis, Artifex (Cupertino, CA: Circle of Cerridwen Press, 2010)
    Artifex Mentis in her role as teacher provides instruction on creating an athama and a wand using various materials.
  • Dagna (Cupertino, CA: Circle of Cerridwen Press, 2010)
    In October 2003, I was in the last days of living with my coven leader and his partner, and it was pure hell. One Sunday, I left the house to get out of the way of some activity or other my coven leader was having, and I ...
  • Pond, Gina A., Rev.; Tanner, Phillip, Rev. (Open Source Alexandrian and Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn Collections, 2014-07-11)
    This week see the return of The Greek Geek, Philip Tanner! In this episode, we talk about the Bible and the problems with translation, context, and why we can never have an “unbiased” translation. Rev. Philip Tanner, ...

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