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DSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.

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  • Library Affairs Committee, Faculty Senate (Valdosta State University, 2019-02-16)
    Minutes. Members of the Library Affairs Committee met in Odum Library on Friday, January 25th.
  • Committee on Committees, Faculty Senate (Valdosta State University, 2019-02-16)
    The Standing Committee annual report will include a completed Reporting Form. The Reporting Form will summarize all activities undertaken by the Committee and its Sub-committee(s) during the academic year.
  • Demorest, William Jennings (New York: W. J. Demorest, 1880-08)
    Demorest's Family Magazine. August 1880. : Naples by Lizzie P. Lewis -- At Last by Mary M. Bowen -- Seed-time and Harvest: Chapter 8-11 by Sherrill Kirr -- Inspiration: A Day Dream by Augusta de Bubna -- Divorced by Fate ...
  • Demorest, William, Jennings (New York: W. J. Demorest, 1879-09-20)
    From Aigle to Matigny; From Kent to Devon; Talks with Girls: A Genius for Doing Things; Victory; Peaches; Peach-Blossoms; An Ostrich Feather; Sergei Michailitsch and I; My Sister Bell; The Goldfinger's Greif; Uncle Martin's ...
  • Grievance Committee, Faculty Senate (Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections, 2019-02-16)
    Faculty Senate Committee Reporting Instructions. Adopted by VSU Faculty Senate, 2/16/2017.

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