The Campus Canopy, December 19, 1934

Show simple item record Georgia State Womans College 2018-01-16T16:39:13Z 2018-01-16T16:39:13Z en_US 1934-12-19
dc.identifier.citation Georgia State Womans College. "The Campus Canopy, December 19, 1934." Vol.01, No.05. Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections, 2018. en_US
dc.identifier.other D65BB0B9-4E64-81B4-4DCA-EC6CEA350C45
dc.description Georgia State Womans College. "The Campus Canopy, December 19, 1934." Vol.01, No.05. Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections, 2018. ### Persons Mentioned ### A. Griffin; Adelaide Elizabeth; Alexa Daley; Alvata Carter; Alys Dawn Cullens; Amanda Barksdale; Anita Bradley; Ann Brooks; Annie Belle Weatherford; Annie Laurie White; Annie Powe Hopper; Ansley Cope; Antoinette Andrews; Arthur Con; Arthur Crabtree; Avrylea Burch; Bill Culpepper; Bill Oliver; Billie Ham; Billy Schroer; Blanche Locklier; Bobbie Cochran; Bootsie Hatcher; Brian Ahearn; Carol Forrester; Carol Pee; Carolyn Askew; Carolyn Brim; Carolyn Warnell; Carolyn Whipple; Chappie Bragg; Charles Joyner; Charlie Ruggles; Clare Lawson; Cleo Barber; Clyde Dorsey; Curtis Jackson; Daisy Daniel; Doris Young; Dorothy Ogletree; Dorothy Pittman; Dub Talley; Edith Bennett; Edna Merle Gib; Eleanor Bailey; Elizabeth Larisey; Elizabeth McRee; Elizabeth Tillman; Elizabeth Wilkes; Ellie Etheridge; Eloise Ogle; Emma Ambos; Estelle Roberts; Esther Smith; Ethlyn Massey; Evelyn May; Executive Dean; F. W. Spencer; Florence Tharpe; Floy Ivey; Frances Bingham; Francis Lederer; Frank Reade; Frederick March; Geraldine Collins; Geraldine Quinn; Gerry Arrington; Gertrude Gilmer; Grace Lahey; Harold Punke; Harris Perry; Helen Ash; Helen Hayes; Henry Kate Gardner; Henry Wilcoxson; Herbert Marshall; Hoke Smith; Hulda Summer; Iva Chandler; J. D. Ashley; J. E. Culpepper; J. H. Touchton; Jack Williams; James Dasher; James Stokes; Jane Twitty; Janie Merl Byrd; Jeannette Shifrin; Jesselyn Griggs; Jo Daniel; Joan Bennett; John Barrymore; John Boles; John Lilly; John Odum; John Oliver; Johnson; Josephine Daniel; Joy Miller; Joyce Tipton; Juanita Kennedy; Juanita Sirmons; Judy Cochran; Kathlyn Taylor; Kathryne Connell; Kitty O'Neal; Lee Stearman; Leila Mae; Leila Urquhart; Leonora DuFour; Leonora Ivey; Lois Pafford; Lois Perry; Lora McPhaul; Lorene Johnson; Lorene Thomas; Louise Ambos; Louise Driskell; Louise Harper; Louise Odom; Louise Odum; Louise Sawyer; Louise Smith; Lucille Shelly; Lucille Tyson; Lucy Hammond; M. D. Dickerson; Maggie Davidson; Margaret Hudson; Margaret Wade; Margaret Zipplies; Marian Farbar; Marie Dressier; Marie Joiner; Marie Kathleen; Marie Middleton; Marie Miller; Marjorie Groover; Martha Gardner; Martha Jones; Martha Sue Patterson; Marvin Vinson; Mary Ann Evans; Mary Elizabeth Weatherford; Mary Jones; Mary Lois Hitch; Mary Perry; Mary Polhill; Matilda Tillman; Mildred Larsen; Mildred Turnbull; Miriam Adams; Mozart; Mynelle Vincent; Myra Hackett; Myrtle Parker; Nelle Kendall; Nellie Mae Gannon; Patsy Sparks; Paul Cavanaugh; Paul Lucas; Pearl Wilson; Permelia Ollif; Peyton Lawson; Pierrette; Priscilla Kelley; Rachel Coxwell; Rosalyn Eubanks; Roy Sumner; Ruby Harrison; Ruth Ellis; Ruth Jones; Ruth Williams; S. G. Pryor; S. M. Myrick; Samuel Warren Edleman; Sara Bingham; Sara Rachel Coxwell; Sarah Martha Pyle; Shelley Sparks; Theo Coleman; Theresa Graham; Tom Wells; Turnbull; Una Ritch; Vanelle Kendall; Vangie Trimble; Virginia Ingram; Virginia Sheppard; Virginia Tuck; Virginia Zipplies; Vivian Vincent; Walter Warren; Whittington; Willene Roberts; Woody Dennis; Annie Spell; Gertrude Michael; ### Locations Mentioned ### Ashburn; Ashley Hall (Valdosta State University); Atlanta, Georgia; Bosnia; Brookwood; Chicago; Cincinnati; Emporia; England; Europe; Florence Tharpe; France; Georgia; Holland; Kansas City; Kansas; Louisiana; Manchuria; New Orleans; New York City; Newton; North Williams Street, Valdosta, Georgia; Ohio; Patterson Street, Valdosta, Georgia/LOCATION>; Pavo, Georgia; Quitman, Georgia; Ritz; Rome, Georgia; West Hall Rotunda (Valdosta State University); Russia; Savannah, Georgia; Serajevo; Shreveport; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Thomasville, Georgia; Valdosta, Georgia; Virginia; Vladivostok; Washington; Waycross, Georgia; Jesup, Georgia; ### Organizations Mentioned ### Athletic Association; Athletic Council; French Club; Georgia Association; Georgia State Womans College; Glee Club; Harper's Bazaar; P. W. A.; Pine Branch; Reading Club; Senior House; Speech Department; en_US
dc.description.abstract Glee Club Sings Christmas Music; Dr. Farbar Speaks; Excavation Begun on Swimming Pool; Dances and Carols are Featured on Program; Greens are Hung in the Rotunda; Freshmen Sing Carols; Review Presented by Home Economics Class; Miss Sawyer Plans Trip; Christmas Pageant; en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Leonora DuFour; Leila Urquhart; Amanda Barksdale; Camille Rogers; Antoinette Andrews; Marguetite McCall; Doris Young; Priscilla Kelley; Mary Agnes Roane; Carol Forrester; Leila Mar Tyson; Una Ritch; Virginia Hughes; en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries Vol.01;No.05
dc.subject Georgia State Womans College -- Students -- Periodicals en_US
dc.subject Newspapers en_US
dc.subject College student newspapers and periodicals -- Georgia -- Valdosta en_US
dc.title The Campus Canopy, December 19, 1934 en_US

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