GAIT Tech Trends and Practices in Education

GAIT Tech Trends and Practices in Education


About This Journal

Tech Trends and Practices in Education is the official journal of the Georgia Association for Instructional Technology (GAIT).

Tech Trends and Practices in Education is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes a wide range of content, including research articles, columns, news, and reviews, all focused on the latest technology trends and practices in education.

Aims and Scope

Tech Trends and Practices in Education aims to serve as a leading forum for discussing and disseminating innovative and impactful ideas, research, and practices in educational technology. Its scope encompasses a comprehensive range of topics, including but not limited to emerging technology trends, best practices in instructional technology, digital learning tools, educational software, and the integration of technology into educational curricula and pedagogy.

The journal is committed to providing valuable insights and scholarly contributions to educators, researchers, technologists, and practitioners in the field. By offering a mix of research articles, opinion columns, news, and reviews, "Tech Trends and Practices in Education" seeks to foster an informed and dynamic dialogue on how technology can enhance, redefine, and revolutionize teaching and learning processes.

Current submission deadlines for news items are January 1 and July 1. We welcome article submissions at any time.

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