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"1986; 1987; Hugh C. Bailey; Annual Report; Valdosta State University; Valdosta State College; Computerization; Brookwood Plaza; Teachers Retirement System; WXVS-FM; Boiler Plant; Palms Dining Center; Mark Stevens Blood Drive; WALB-TV; WCTV; Credit Card; Blazer Club Drive; Louis Reames Football Practice Field; James E. Bumgarner; Hollis Sanders; Beach Boys; Star Trek; AIDS; Mack Greer; Debbie Harrison; West Georgia College; Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College; Robert Little; James Peterson; William Daughdrill; Wayne R. Faircloth; Soil Conservation Society of America; Jesse Spencer; J.J. Whitesell; Dale Peeples; Atlantic Canada Faculty Institute; Leonard Thompson; Stephen Sheel; David Boyd; John Samaras; Observatory telescope; Donald L. Seat; John E. Oliver; J.L. Love; Bainbridge Junior College; Clarence Lowman; James McMath; Carol Hartman; Emma Jo Crain; Microcomputer Center; Sports Medicine; Charles Beadle; Shorty Rogers; New York Philomusica; The Elixer of Lover; Repertory; Rudolf Adam; William Gabard; Marian Salinger; Walter H. Peacock; Authur Bostock; Phil Strickland; Gerald Cartright; Alfred McRae; Dream Jamboree; Minority Recruitment; Jerry Hardee; Desegregation; Southern Association of College and Schools; " (1)
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"burned over district" (1)
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"PEW Charitable Trust Roundtable"'; Fiber Optics Network; Library Aquistitions; VSU Banking Services; NationsBank; Ashley Hall Renovation; Employee Records; Microfilm; Long Term Care; Computerization; University Center; Valdosta State University Foundation; Valdosta State University Alumni Bulletin; InSight; Outdoor Recreation Resource Center; Women's Gulf South Conference; Chris Hatcher; Red Carpet Tour; Georgia Camber of Commerce; Thomas E. Dasher; A&S Council; CUR; Women's Studies Newsletter; College of Business Administration; Self-Evaluation; "New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium"; Syktyvkar State University; Ezterhazy Karoly College; BANNER; Student Database System; African-American Employees; (1)
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