Blaze FM: An Examination of Student Listening Habits and the Uses and Gratifications Approach of Increasing Student Listenership

Show simple item record Cheatham, Kevin A. 2012-09-11T15:41:30Z 2012-09-11T15:41:30Z 2012-09-11
dc.description 2012 Thesis by Kevin A. Cheatham en_US
dc.description.abstract The viability of college radio has been an issue in need of close examination for some time now. With the advent of new forms of technology aimed directly at fulfilling the uses and gratifications of a music-filled world, even commercial radio has seen a decline in listenership. However, with college radio, the problem is more serious. Not usually deemed commercial or mainstream, these stations face even greater problems than a decline in its audience. This exploratory study begins by attaining general knowledge about a group of students pertaining to their listening habits and music preferences, while applying uses and gratifications theory and then attempts to gauge whether or not the station meets student preferences. The narrower focus of this study is to address the severity of the small audience size on the Valdosta State University campus by addressing whether or not there is sufficient awareness of the station itself and, if not, to formulate a plan to suggest what exactly can be done to facilitate change. Of the 251 total participants, 140 live on campus and are within the frequency of the station known as Blaze FM, thus becoming the target audience for this study. A discouraging majority of students were not aware that such a station existed on their own campus. Data was collected and then presented to focus groups in order to seek relevant themes in the material. Such themes can be utilized to aid the college radio station in maintaining and strengthening its audience. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Carl Cates; William Faux; James Shrader; Alfred F. Fuciarelli; en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.subject College Radio en_US
dc.subject Radio en_US
dc.subject Blaze FM en_US
dc.subject Music en_US
dc.subject Listening Habits en_US
dc.subject Technology en_US
dc.subject New Media en_US
dc.subject MP3 en_US
dc.subject Digital Music en_US
dc.subject Analog Music en_US
dc.subject Podcasts en_US
dc.subject WVVS Blaze FM 90.9 en_US
dc.subject Valdosta State University en_US
dc.subject Survey en_US
dc.subject Listener en_US
dc.subject commercial radio en_US
dc.subject internet en_US
dc.subject streaming music en_US
dc.subject funding en_US
dc.title Blaze FM: An Examination of Student Listening Habits and the Uses and Gratifications Approach of Increasing Student Listenership en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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