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  • 3rd Earl Stanhope, Charles, Stanhope (Dublin : Printed for J. Moore 1799, 1799)
    An address to the nations of Great Britain and Ireland, on the projected union.
  • Unknown author (1851)
    The Alapaha Store manifest is a handwritten accounting of the goods and customers that visited the Alapaha Store, a post road general store in Lakeland, Georgia, (which used to be called Alapaha-Alapaha became Milltown ...
  • Webster, Noah (New York, Johnson Reprint Corp. 1970, 1843)
    An American dictionary of the English language; with an introduction by Mario Pei. Intended to exhibit: The origin, affinities, and primary signification of English words, as far as they have been ascertained. As well as ...
  • Fioretina, Società Editrice (Società editrice fiorentina, 1924)
    An artistical guide to Florence. Embellished with historical notes on the city and the principal monuments, views, topographical maps, catalogues of the galleries, etc.
  • Baedeker, Karl (3. Aufl. Leipzig : Karl Baedeker, 1894)
    Handbook for travelers, featuring Egypt. First part consisting of lower Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula: with 2 maps and plans, 24 floor plans, 7 views and 75 text vignettes.
  • Lothian, John (Hartford: Published by Newton Case, 1832)
    The Bible atlas, published in 1832, contains a plate of the family descent of Christ from Adam. Also, a historical notice of the Bible by John Lothian from the third London edition, to which is added a brief history of Palestine.
  • Damrell & Moore; Coolidge, George; Various Contributors (Boston : Brown & Taggard Publishers, 1861)
    The Boston almanac for the year 1861, by Damrell & Moore, George Coolidge, and other various contributors. The Boston Almanac was an almanac and business directory in 19th century Boston, Massachusetts. All the volumes ...
  • Force, Peter (Washington: Peter Force, 1835)
    Brief Account of the Establishment of the Colony of Georgia under Gen. James Oglethorpe. February 1, 1733. Washington: printed by Peter Force. 1835. , 1733. Washington: printed Evo. 15 pp. $150.00 #9986
  • Clarke, J. Erskine; D. Appleton and Company; Estes & Lauriat; Dana Estes & Company; L.C. Page & Company (Boston : L.C. Page & Company, 1928)
    The text can has a multitude of Juvenile Books published in the English language. In addition to the stories are articles, puzzles, poetry, games, and other miscellaneous writings for children. Accompanied by many ...
  • Girard, Jean-Baptiste (London : Printed for J. Millan, near the Horse-Guards, 1732)
    This book features a collection, which provides descriptions of the major trials from over 300 years, with official trial documents, unofficially published accounts of the trials, briefs and arguments and more. With ...
  • McConnell, Andrew Jackson Jr.; Coleman, John Albert Feaster (Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections, 2018)
    The diary was written in pocket-sized editions and each was sent home after it was completed. The collection in the Valdosta State Archives has two folders, each containing an identical copy of the McConnell diary. The ...
  • Brookes, Iveson I., Rev. (Macon, Georgia: Rose & Slade, 1830)
    This is a G to G+ copy of a Georgia imprint from a time when the Cherokees were still an independent nation covering most of North Georgia and the Creeks could still have given Monticello a scare.
  • Waring, James J. (Savannah, Georgia: Morning News Steam Printing House, 1879)
    This substantial document deals with the yellow fever epidemic in Savannah in 1876. The author, James J. Waring, was the Chairman of the Dry Culture Committee (try imagining what that means without this book as a guide.) ...
  • Chapin, Pelatiah (Concord : Printed by Geo. Hough, for the author, 1794)
    This text contains a series of evangelic poetry for the purposes of "devotion, excited by spiritual songs, and conviction urged by gospel truth." By Pelatiah Chapin, an author.
  • Jones, Michael (London, Printed for Edward Husband, printer to the Honorable House of Commons, 1647)
    An exact and full relation of the great victory obtained against the rebels at Dungons-Hill in Ireland, August 8, 1647. By the forces under the command of Colonel Michael Jones. With a letter from the said Colonel, to the ...
  • National Baptist Sunday School Convention and Institute (Philadelphia : American Baptist Publication Society, 1869)
    This scan is the 1869 November issue (2, 3, &4) of The first National Sunday School Convention of the United States under the auspices of the American Baptist Publication Society. Featuring different works "embracing , in ...
  • Marshall Davis, Frank (First edition Chicago, Illinois : Black Cat Press, 1937)
    I am the American Negro features many poems by Davis. He concerned himself with portraying Black life, protesting racial inequalities, and promoting Black pride through his work.
  • Twain, Mark (Hartford, Conn. : American Publishing Company, 1869)
    The Innocents Abroad, otherwise knows as The New Pilgrims Progress, features some account of the steamship Quaker City's excursion to Europe and the holy land. It chronicles what Twain called his "Great Pleasure Excursion" ...
  • Robbins, Archibald (3rd ed. Hartford : Silas Andrus, 1818)
    A journal, comprising an account of the loss of the brig Commerce, of Hartford. Featuring James Riley, master, upon the western coast of Africa, August 28th, 1815. Also discussion of the slavery and sufferings of the author ...

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